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We are proud to offer a wide variety of treatments at affordable rates. We have trained new therapists and broadened the services we offer based on our clients needs – from individual treatments to couples’ massage. Please keep visiting our website for updates on treatments and packages on offer.


Aromatherapy Full Body Massage 60 min R350

Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage (for pensioners)

90 min



Back and Neck 45 min R300
Pensioner’s Special 60 min R320
Lymph drainage Full body lymph drainage 60 min R350
Reflexology 45 min R300
Foot massage 30 min R300


Outreaches to companies, organisations, churches and wellness day programmes

30 min back and neck massage R160

30 min reflexology R160

Seated 10 – 15 minutes back and neck R80

Seated 10 – 15 minutes hands or feet R80


60 min Full body massage R370

60 min Full body massage for couples, partners or two people who have come together R700

90 min Full body massage R400

Lymph drainage R370

45 min Back and neck massage R320

45 min Reflexology R320