Experience the powerful abilities of blind and partially sighted men and women through their wonderful, intuitive touch.

Light & Healing Centre
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Greetings to all our valued clients!

Amidst the battles and uncertainty of life in 2022, we must go forward and continue to provide our aromatherapy massage service. It is during times like these that we all need each other, to bring hope and peace into a world of constant strife and turmoil.  

 Please note that we will be increasing our rates as of the 1st April. We have also included a range of different sessions, including a package deal and will advertise specials on the various holidays so please do look out for these. The new rates will be reflected on 1st April.

 Take care and looking forward to seeing you!

The Team at Light and Healing Centre

Who are we?

The Western Cape Blind Association, WEBA, set out on an inspiring journey into a life of hope, healing of brokenness and restoring lost dignity of blind and partially sighted men and women. The lives of 70 people have changed forever. The name ‘Light and Healing Centre’ manifests the message of their achievements, moving from the ‘darkness into the marvelous light’. The intuitive touch and the profound listening skills of the therapists have moved many people who have come to our centre, who have in turn shared this wonderful experience with a friend, a colleague, a family member.

  • We offer aromatherapy, lymph drainage and reflexology massages.
  • We offer an outreach service to companies, organisations, churches and government departments.