We have a variety of therapists available

Thandi, Vuyiswa and Lulama are our pioneers, they have gained much experience through the years and each have a different kind of massage on offer; Vuyiswa is the strongest female therapist on our staff and tackles knots and spasms with gusto, she is not for the faint hearted. Thandi has gained expereince in working on the pressure points of the body, her speciality is that she is able to send you off to a quiet place of rest and tranquility. Lulama, nick-named Lulu, is an all rounder therapist and can provide deep and gentle massages.

Nosipho has a gentle massage and is known for her incredible head massages. She is sensitive to the needs of her clients.

Francina is a delightful, intuitive and sensitive therapist, her touch is far reaching to the soul.

Luleka is our second firm therapists, she offers a vigorous and strong massage and is excellent after a tough sporting event

Zukiswa although Zuki massages with one arm she has the ability to work well on the feet and is able to work with the chakras according to auras.

Added to this special group of women therapists we have male therapists. They are as follows:

Percy also specialises in reflexology, lymph drainage and massage. Percy has a quiet, gentle approach to his clients.

Jason has a friendly disposition and offers lymph drainage. He is flexible in his ability to offer a gentle or firm massage.


Beauty therapy

Ismat Essack, our beauty therapist provides pedicures, manicures, foot care, eyebrow threading, etc.






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