Experience the powerful abilities of blind and partially sighted men and women through their wonderful, intuitive touch.


Light & Healing Centre
45 Salt River Road, Salt River
Phone: (021) 761 9507 or contact us via the Switchboard on (021) 448 4302



Who are we?

The Western Cape Blind Association, WEBA, set out on an inspiring journey into a life of hope, healing of brokenness and restoring lost dignity of blind and partially sighted men and women. The lives of 70 people have changed forever. The name ‘Light and Healing Centre’ manifests the message of their achievements, moving from the ‘darkness into the marvelous light’. The intuitive touch and the profound listening skills of the therapists have moved many people who have come to our centre, who have in turn shared this wonderful experience with a friend, a colleague, a family member.

  • We offer aromatherapy, lymph drainage and reflexology massages.
  • We offer an outreach service to companies, organisations, churches and government departments.
Appeal for support

Greetings from the Light & Healing Centre of the Western Cape Blind Association!

As you may be aware, we have moved from our rented premises in Tokai and are now stationed at the Cape Town Society for the Blind at 45 Salt River Road, Salt River.

Due to our forced relocation, we have lost a huge number of our regular customers because of the distance to travel to our new premises, and as a result we are experiencing immense financial difficulties.

We are therefore appealing to you, as our trusted friends and loyal patrons, to help us …

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Light And Healing Centre

Please consider supporting our Backabuddy fundraising effort.

The Light and Healing Centre, a project of the Western Cape Blind Association, (WEBA), has over the past 15 years trained 70 visually impaired men and women in the art of aromatherapy massage. Many of these men and women come from backgrounds of poverty and near-poverty and are dependent on meager disability grants. Their training in aromatherapy massage has however enabled them to supplement their grant money with a small income. In addition, they have also started a journey into a life of hope, healing of brokenness and restoring lost dignity. However, the Light and Healing Centre is struggling to survive in the current economic environment. It urgently needs R35 000 to pay costs up to the end of January 2020 for premises rented in Salt River. Please help these talented touch therapists by supporting our backabudy campaign by clicking here.